Kuidas me töötame

  1. Projektijuhtimne - we work with customers from day one to benefit from our assistance with product specification, cost efficient materials and time-proof constructions. Every project will have a project manager, who will be the one and main contact person during the whole process.
  2. Eelarvestus - according to customer's specs we make an item by item price offer with detailed descriptions shown.
  3. Näidised - we provide all necessary finishing samples for veneered, lacquered, stained and painted surfaces, also samples for metal and stone. We produce product samples or sample room if needed.
  4. Ajagraafik - we coordinate the construction and delivery timetables with all necessary deadlines during the process.
  5. Tööjoonised - to be sure everything is understood correctly, we make detailed shop drawings for customer confirmation.
  6. Tootmine - production will be done by audited and controlled partners.
  7. Paigaldus - we use installation teams with installers and assistants who participate in the production stage of the project and thus know the technical logic behind the products.
  8. Üleandmine - the project will be handed over by a project manager with maintenance and care instructions for delivered products and materials.